Matcha, the new “IT”

Matcha is the new “it” product in the beverage market. With its healthy caffeine composition and being 10x stronger than regular brewed green tea, Matcha has been crowned as the healthiest drink. Try some Natural blends with Matcha only at Amaara Herbs





Our signature blends are all natural, organic and herbal in all form. Speciality teas are procured from the best of produce across the globe. These teas are enjoyed best when brewed hot!




Our Herbal range is the newest innovation wherein we brew herbs. Herbs when brewed serve the best possible function. We curated the premium blends, all herbal, organic and natural. These herbs are potent and full of medicinal advantages. These caffeine free teas are one of the finest additions.





Fruit are true source of Vitamins and Minerals. Our FRU-T Teas are blend of all natural fruits. We do not add any colour or preservatives to it! Just fruits, is what we mean. These are tangy, fruity and naturally sweet in their form. One of its kind with healthy blessings.

See what people think of us!

"Hug in a cup! Makes perfect morning tea. Relives stomach issues and keeps it healthy! Not at all bitter in taste. A must buy for good health, worth every penny!!!"

Drishti Arora

"The matcha tastes a little like leaves, but it feels really natural and good to drink. Definitely recommended!"

Garima Trivedi

" All the flavours feels natural fruit flavours with fruit powders.It does't look that there is any additives or artificial colours."

Sanjeev Sharma

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